Electronic Trade Solutions provide innovative automated secure data entry products and solutions built around its eKrypto™ technology, with extensive experience in the retail banking / post office counter sector. ETS solutions dramatically increase operator efficiency through its eKrypto™ Teller Stations by the integration of a variety of payment media into a single housing including keyboard, smart card, magnetic card and cheque scanner / image reader. Through combining a unique single cable technology, reduced counter space, remote download of updates, secure remote key management and latest version PCI / EMV PIN Pads, ETS has developed a range of secure teller equipment to meet the demand for fast, accurate and secure retail banking transactions. The eKrypto™ range includes Biometric PCI & EMV PIN Pads & Keyboards, Electronic Signature Pads and Secure Imaging Devices all built around the eKrypto™ Secure Device Communication software suite with optional Middleware and EMV2000 Level 2 Kernel.

ETS is a world class designer / supplier of innovative and automated secure data entry products and solutions for the worldwide financial services market. As a development resource we offer our clients a way to turn project requirements into completed ship-level components for a fixed cost. ETS has a proven track record in developing innovative smart card reader solutions for PCI / EMV Credit / Debit payment and PC/SC Digital Signature and Secure Operator Log On. Along with our expertise, we have a complete set of leading edge development tools at our facilities and are capable of handling any of the engineering aspects of the R&D and testing required of us by our clients. ETS provide complete technology license packages for banks and manufacturers worldwide that want to provide Teller Stations and Secure Transaction Keyboards & PIN Pads including all software at local supply level to overcome commercial or other tariff barriers.

For more information on our experience please visit our Case Histories page or contact us directly.

ETS was formed in 2000 by two senior executives with 20+ years' microprocessor hardware & firmware design, PC software and project development experience having held senior management positions at companies such as GI, Philips, CEDI and Alps Electric. During this time the ETS team has successfully worked on many projects in the Banking, Post Office, Building Society and Retail Counter space worldwide.

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