ETS Attending CARTES 2010


ETS is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting at Cartes 2010. The Cartes Show is held in Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, Paris, France on the 7th, 8th & 9th December 2010.
As in previous years the ETS stand will be located in the IDentification Zone, Stand 4L 120 and the full
eKrypto™ range will be on display with product experts on hand for your assistance.

CARTES 2010 is the world's leading event for smart card and identification solutions, thereby providing an excellent platform for promoting ETS eKrypto™ range of secure PCI and EMV card reading solutions.

ETS will be exhibiting the exciting eKrypto™ range of PCI POS PED 2.1 Compliant Web-Enabled PIN Pads, Signing PAD / PIN Pad combination solutions as well as EMV / PCI Keyboards with integrated card and Check21 document media scanning options, ideal for front office retail banking and post office teller environments.

ETS is an industry leading provider of EMV / PCI, Web-Enabled, Secure PIN Pads and Keyboards with integrated Smart / Magnetic Card, Double Sided Document Scanning and Biometric (Fingerprint Swipe and Electronic Signature Pad) technology options. Solutions are available in USB or RS232 Serial options with a clear migration solution. Cheque (Check21) reading OCR and MICR solutions a speciality.

We look forward to meeting with you there.



ETS Launch PCI & EMV Compliant Secure Transaction Keyboard

ETS are proud to announce the launch of the PCI & EMV Compliant eKrypto™ Web-Enabled Secure Transaction Keyboard. The eKrypto™ Secure Transaction Keyboard (STKB) is an Intelligent Cryptographic Keyboard for applications requiring the combination of Online / Offline Client PIN Verification, Secure Logon and Digital Signing. The eKrypto™ Secure Transaction Keyboard Hybrid Chip & Magnetic Card Reader is designed to meet the PCI and EMV Standards for Offline and Online Client PIN verification. Whether for financial applications or network access control this security device ensures integrity of communication between device and host.

The Secure Remote Programmable eKrypto™ Secure Transaction Keyboard provides the ideal solution for Retail Outlets, Secure Access, Bank and Post Office Teller Applications offering 3 Factor Biometric and Smart Card Operator Log-On together with providing a secure Chip & PIN payment solution when combined with one of the eKrypto™ family of Chip & PIN Pads. Features include integrated PCI Compliant Hybrid Chip & Magnetic Payment Card Reader, separate ISO PC/SC compliant Smart Card Reader for Operator Log-On, Fingerprint Scanner for more secure Biometric Operator Log-On, backlit 2 x 16 LCD for secure messaging and operator PIN entry confirmation, a secure dedicated port for connecting a PCI PIN Pad directly and also a high speed USB (480Mbps) downstream port for connecting additional devices such as receipt printer or mouse. This smart integrated design saves on footprint and avoids clutter caused by using separate external readers.


For further information please click here eKrypto™ Secure Transaction Keyboard.





ETS Promote Integration of Peripheral Devices in Teller Keyboards

ETS are pleased to announce that the new eKrypto™ SDC (Secure Device Communication) software will allow further advancements in teller keyboard solutions. The ETS integrated peripheral approach in the teller keyboard leads to smallest possible total footprint with least cable clutter, increased security as less cabling is exposed while single device is tamper protected and finally single housing design results in greater MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure). These compelling benefits are largely made possible by the eKrypto™ SDC software that when combined with the eKrypto™ Core chipset allows the creation of multiple virtual serial ports and makes integrated serial devices transparent to the host system.

These extra serial ports allow the integration and management of peripheral devices within a single housing while the external serial port allows PIN Pad, receipt printer or other external peripherals to work via the keyboard and further reduces the banks cost by minimising cabling infrastructure and independent power supply which would normally be separately required for the PIN Pad or the external Serial Peripheral. As a result of these benefits ETS can now offer custom solutions incorporating MSR, MICR, OCR, SCR, LCD and other devices such as finger print readers as required, all contained and controlled securely within a single keyboard housing. The SDC software also enables these integrated devices to be future proofed via remote upgrade of firmware and software to the various peripheral devices where IAP (In Application Programming) is allowed and the ability to seamlessly assign serial ports for peripherals such as finger print readers at a later stage.  

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